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Wisconsin State Youth Gathering

 What does "swdy" stand for?

South Wisconsin District Youth?  Sure, it's a website sponsored by the South Wisconsin District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

But what else could it mean?

State of Wisconsin Districts' Youth?  That sounds right since this is the place to find out information about the 2010 State Youth Gathering.  That gathering is sponsored by both the South Wisconsin District and the North Wisconsin District.

Here are some other possibilities. . .

Same Wisconsin, Different Youth?

Speeding Wheels Don't Yield?

Send us other ideas at






South Wisconsin District—LCMS
8100 W. Capitol Dr.
Milwaukee, WI  53222
(800) 793-3678 or (414) 464-8100


This website currently maintained by the South Wisconsin District—LCMS.  Please contact

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